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Have you ever gazed at a black and white picture wishing to recapture the elegance of a past era?

Or do you wish for a unique piece that connects you with the strength of women who have gone before you?

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our accessories knows they are getting an elegant piece worthy of modern day Audrey, Jackie, or Grace Kelly.

Before Wistful Dragonfly I was an elementary school teacher with a passion for the handmade, inspired by the women who have gone before me. Women who possessed an elegance and poise that is frequently missing from modern society. It is this classic beauty that I wish for myself.

However, when I sought to ground my wardrobe with simple grace, it was often difficult to find the right accessories. Many vintage inspired pieces tend to fit fantastical niche communities or quaint off-beat personalities. So I set out to capture the gentility and personalities of my ancestors, for the modern woman.

Each of my collections are inspired by and named for real women; my aunts, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and cousins.  Pieces of their personalities, life events, and photos form each accessory line.

It is my hope that these women will inspire you as much as they have me.